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Here you'll find loads of great songs, interesting blogs, a cool website and other cool things here. Have fun!

See, this website would be more useful if znon actually released a song, hasn't happened yet though. You can subscribe to znon's soundcloud. You should also subsribe to Foshwave on youtube, You should also do the same to znon's youtube channel, no music there but znon make some ytp's and they might encite a laugh or two.

About znon

Probably for the best you don't see this

This tab will have info about znon

znon is a soon to-be producer. He will post music on Foshwave when he gets round to producing one and releasing it. he's a bit busy right now but he will do it eventually. I pretty much only export to .flac, but .ogg versions can also be found. .


One day znon will do blogs, as stated before he's a bit busy and life's a bit boring for him right now. i hope someone cares about them when i do make blogs eventually...

znon - to-be programmer, wiki editor and music producer

znon gaming

This tab is about znon's gaming stuff i guess


znon plays video games, some of his favourites currently are:

Airmech Strike



Overwatch 2

Supremacy 1914

Stardew Valley (sometimes)


And Team Fortress 2!

A built in midi player

midi player